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Soma - a dialog internet radio player For help/usage see soma -h Soma started off as a way to play .pls playlists from SomaFM but can also play .ram playlists too. In fact any url playable by mplayer using the -playlist option should work. Extra stations can be added in ~/.soma/stations.conf (up to 200). Soma uses mplayer to play the streams and aplay to detect cards for mixer so mplayer and alsa-utils need to be installed. Key commands supported in status window: ( Volume -5 ) Volume +5 1 - 0 Volume 10%, 20%, ... 100% (saved) Space Pause/Play d Disconnect/Reconnect a Add schedule b Station browser m Mute toggle s Scheduler q Quit There are 3 config files: ~/.soma/themes/*rcrc Specify the dialog colours. ~/.soma/options.conf A few extra options. ~/.soma/stations.conf User station list. There are also: /etc/soma/options.conf Default options. /etc/soma/themes/*rc Dialog configs. /etc/soma/stations.conf Default station list. Stations should be added to the user list like this: Name,URL You cannot use a comma , in the name or URL I would be glad of any exra radio urls emailed to me so I can add to the default list. NOTES: The Jack and NAS options for output device will only work if MPlayer is built against them. When changing/selecting soundcard output device you must press space on the option. Just scrolling down and hitting Enter does nothing. BUGS: Soma may induce the side effects of general well-being and profound spiritual satisfaction. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soma http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soma_(Brave_New_World) REAL BUGS: Some people might find screen messes up the dialog colours. If you have this line in ~/.screenrc: attrcolor b ".I" You might want to comment it out and try again as it seems to turn off the bold attribute. Please mail me at dave@dawoodfall.net for new radio urls or bug reports etc.



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