"If a team is in a positive frame of mind, it will have a good attitude. If it has a good attitude, it will make a commitment to playing the game right. If it plays the game right, it will win -- unless, of course, it doesn't have enough talent to win, and no manager can make goose-liver pate out of goose feathers, so why worry?"
          -- Sparky Anderson

This is a slackbuild to build a package for kernel and modules. Notes: Source needs to be in the format /usr/src/linux-$LOCALNAME-$VERSION Set localname in .config If this is for a kernel to be installed on another box then you should have the source on the target box as some applications may need to use it. E.G. Building out-tree modules - /usr/src/linux-$LOCALNAME-$VERSION is used in the script, but you can customise this for building in other places.

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