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Qt is a cross-platform C++ application framework. Qt's primary feature is its rich set of widgets that provide standard GUI functionality. This is my modified version of Larry Hajali's Qt5 slackbuild updated for Qt 5.10.1. Note that there is a problem with building against gstreamer, therefore I've disabled it until I get look at it properly. I've enabled ccache support, which should speed up subsequent rebuilds. There is an option for ninja jobs that you may want to try if the build is taking too much CPU: export NINJAFLAGS="-j 1" The libxkbcommon and libinput dependencies are available at slackbuilds.org. Optional dependencies: unixodbc, freetds, OpenAL, libwebp, opus, snappy, wayland, and postgresql Optional dependencies: openvg and firebird (not available at slackbuilds.org) Note1: To build documentation pass DOCS=yes to the slackbuild DOCS=yes ./qt5.SlackBuild Note2: To build examples pass EXAMPLES=yes to the slackbuild EXAMPLES=yes ./qt5.SlackBuild Note3: To build support for proprietary media codecs (note that this will produce a non-redistributable package in some countries) pass PROPRIETARY_CODECS=yes to the slackbuild PROPRIETARY_CODECS=yes ./qt5.SlackBuild

Homepage: http://qt-project.org/
Source: qt-everywhere-src-5.10.1.tar.xz md5sum: 7e167b9617e7bd64012daaacb85477af
Requires: libxkbcommon libinput
SlackBuild: qt5.tar.gz

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