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Some terminal utilities seturxvtcolours: Console colour setting script. Set console colours without having to run xrdb, using colour values for rxvt-unicode stored in your xresources file. Usage: Set XRESFILE at the top of the script to whatever you use for your rxvt-unicode colours. Usually $HOME/.Xresources or $HOME/.Xdefaults. Run the script. Note that colours need to be in the form rgb:rr/gg/bb with EXACTLY one space between the : and the rgb: URxvt.color1: rgb:60/55/55 URxvt.foreground: rgb:88/88/88 Except you can also use rgba: for background: URxvt.background: rgba:1010/1515/2020/cccc You can also set the cursor colour: URxvt.cursorColor: rgb:66/66/66 Note that if foreground, background or cursor colours aren't set, they will be ignored. However, if color0 - color14 aren't set, all manner of strange things may happen. =============================================================== 16colours: A perl script that prints out the first 16 terminal colours. Note that this is used by seturxvtcolours. =============================================================== 256colours: A perl script that prints out the complete 256 colourmap.

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